LLs Magic Lenz would like to introduce Jen Shaffer as our Florida Team Member in St. Petersburg and surrounding Bay areas. With an array of talents and knowledge in the field, she brings to the table an Associates Degree in Graphic Design, Notary Public, many years of Administrative skills and a strong background in Sales and Project Management. We’re happy to be able to have her assistance in these areas for our Florida Territory.

LL’s Magic Lenz spends about 6 months out of every year in Site Development for Restaurants, Event Planning and Photography and Videography Options, Marketing and Business Management in and around the Tampa Bay area. And now, as an exclusive service to our Florida Territory ONLY at this time, we are able to provide Mechanical Permitting & Notarization services for Business Opportunities as well.

Let us know what you may need. LL’s Magic Lenz is pleased to be able to offer our expertise in Website Development and Design, Trademarking, Branding, Social Media Management, Website Optimization Management and Updating along with many other Services as previously mentioned and defined in our website. Visit us today for further details and information or contact Jen directly by email:  Jen@LLsMagicLenz.com.

Your business needs are our business leads to get you off the ground and in plain view to be seen and utilized as the company YOU want to be.

Jen Shaffer
VP, Florida Division

Jen’s Orchid

It has been 4 years since this beauty has bloomed!

Nature Photography – Red Tailed Hawk

This was one of our biggest accomplishments! This bird was one of the best models we've worked with!

Birds of Florida

Some of the most beautiful photography happens right in your back yard.


LL' Magic Lenz does Band Photography.  We can do promo shots, live shots, flyers, banners & we can do live video feeds directly to your Social Media Accounts.